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Jasmine Bluecreek has been working with glass since 1979. She loves the whimsical play of light through glass. She prefers to create works in a variety of styles and frequently includes elements other than glass in her work. Agates and other rocks, bits of copper, barn wood, mirror, and found glass often are included.

Jasmine has shown her work at FootHillls Art Center in Golden, CO. also, at the annual Glass at the Botanic Gardens in Denver. Pirate Art Gallery, Boulder Public Library, Leaping Lizard Gallery, formerly on Tennyson St and Bluecreek/West Gallery formerly in LoDo are just some of the places she has publicly shown her work. She has installed numerous 2 and 3-dimensional glass works in homes and offices throughout CO as wells as TX, WY and NE.

One day, Jasmine learned to ride a motorcycle. From 2001 until 2016, she rode several cross- country trips, many of them solo rides. She published two motorcycle related books and dozens of articles for a variety of publications during this time. She became a Motorcycle Safety Instructor; to date teaching thousands of riders how to ride more safely. Jasmine translated the courses into American Sign Language and was one of the first to train Deaf Riders how to ride at their best. She won two national awards for Outstanding Rider Coach.

All this however left precious little time to work on glass. For many years, other than commissions, her time was devoted to pursuits of the two-wheeled kind. Now she is back, working on her glass full time, and teaching motorcycle safety part time.

Jasmine works with everything from traditional fine art, including bevels and lead work to more modern, functional (but beautiful) glass lamps, glass 3D sculptures and her newest gig - free- standing window treatments. To see more, please visit