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Meeting code is 303-157-2559 No Passcode needed.
If this doesn't work. contact me at 720-938-9450.

Happy New Year.

I am attaching the entry form to the Cheyenne Botanic Garden Show. (Find entry form at bottom of this article)

At the last meeting, I suggested doing a project every month to give us a new something to do.
SO..this month is a snowflake.
Sorry for the short notice, but I'm sure you can get something done by this Sunday. It doesn't have to be glass. It can be paper, a drawing, an origami, a clay piece, a wax piece, a cookie, anything you would like to make a snowflake out of. Sky is the limit.

If you would like to sell your creation, send me a photo and I can put it on our Facebook page every month under challenge of the month. Just give me your email address and price and they can contact you.

Please note the number of the Zoom meeting as it is our old number. We need to talk about t-shirts, also, and a donation to the Beads Of Courage in our club's name.

A new BLOWN AWAY will make an appearance on Netflix on January 22. This is like a glassblower's Project Runway. The last one was very cool and I'm so excited to see this new one. Don't miss it.

Please look on the FB page for all kinds of local and virtual classes to take. This is a good time to learn something new.

**On a very sad note** Long time member and incredible artist, Roxanne Taylor, passed away on December 14, 2020 after a long battle with cancer. Roxanne will long be remembered for her beautiful beads and warm and wonderful smile. We will so miss her. She tried so hard to stay with us, but heaven needed her more. Rest in Peace, Roxanne. Your warmth and smiles made us all that much happier. Our arms are wrapped around your memory like the beautiful flowers on your beads. I would like to consider the donation we make to The Beads of Courage be in Roxanne's name.

Hope to see your shinning faces on Sunday&..

Deborah Carlson

Upcoming Art Shows 

Shows for Deborah Carlson
D'Art Gallery - EMERGE - 900 Santa Fe Dr. in the Santa Fe Art District
Online and in person - Now until Jan 10th, 2021 (Three drawings)

144 Exhibit Parker Arts Center Parker
Online and in January/February in person - now online through February 2021

On Broadway in Boulder 1/2 block off the Pearl Street
Mall - Online and in person - Now through January 17, 2021

Spark Gallery - COLORADO DRAWS
900 Santa Fe Dr. (in the Santa Fe Art District )
in person - (One of my drawings) - January 8th through February 28, 2021

**Please go see some of these shows to find out what galleries are doing in Denver. There are also a couple of more I'm trying to enter our club into.

I know that R Gallery is looking to showcase more glass art and they are only Colorado Artists.