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Zoom meetings are typically on a Sunday at 3pm.
Same check in numbers and meeting ID (303-157-2559 gac2020)

There will be a meeting this Sunday, September 20, 2020 (whoa) at 3:00PM.
We will be talking about how to finish a piece of glass. Please bring your creative ideas to the meeting for show and tell or explanation. This includes hanging, framing, and for sculptures, stands. This is one of the hardest things for me to think of structure wise, so it should be good for all of us to see different ways and maybe invent a new way.

See you Sunday. It will be good to actually see you guys in person at a meeting some day. We need to check in every month to make sure everyone is doing OK.

Thank you to Lois and Anita for coming to see me during my art fair this past weekend. And, thank you, Lois, for watching my booth so I could go grab my lunch!

It's OK if you are a little late to the meeting as I can get you in anytime you can make it.

Let's try to top 12 members!

Deborah Carlson