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Bring $10 to participate. No need for previous experience and we train.
We always have a fun day on Beads Of Courage Day. Bring snacks to share and a good sense of humor.

The regular meeting will start at 3:00PM. This will be our last meeting before Echters. The application for Echters is on the website and can be downloaded from there. I should have the postcards to hand out. Im getting tons of them so you can spread them out at all appropriate places. This should be a big year for us, as we will be there during their opening of the holiday season.

We will also be handing out jobs for the Childrens Hospital event. Also, We have set up a date in January with D&L, for the fusers, to make tiles of the drawings that will be made into a quilt for the hospital. Leslie Bitgood will be heading that. The drawings are being handed out to the hot shops and if you know any torch workers or hot shops that may want to participate, please let me know. We have about 20 drawings so far and more workers would be better. I need torch workers to make a representation of the drawings to give to the children. Im thinking they would like to keep these as a focal point to hang onto when they are getting their therapy at the Hospital. Excellent response from the kids, as they feel so happy that they are included in a fundraiser

Also the Master Narcissus Quagliata is coming to Denver for an incredible evening Lecture on October 23rd (7 - 8PM at the Lakewood Cultural Center) and on October 24th, he will be presenting a FULL DAY SEMINAR at D&L Art Glass Supply.

These are two incredible opportunities to hear and see this master at work. If you are a fuser, or any kind of glassworker, you must hear this master. It will be so worth your time.

At the next meeting (October 13th) we will be handing out 4 free tickets for his evening lecture. (compliments of D&L) When you come, we will put your name in the hat and have our drawing at 4:30.
You dont have to present to win, but you must come to the meeting to BOC Day to participate. Your name will be added to the list at the door of the Lakewood Cultural Center.

This is an opportunity you wont want to miss. Also, on our FB page, is an invitation to join his podcast on Oct. 11th. This is sponsored by Talking Out Your Glass
I will be bringing his books to our next meeting so you can see his amazing work.

See you on the 13th. Please tell your friends about BOC Day and all of our events. If they want to participate in Echters Show and Sale, the form can be downloaded on the website. Bring a treat, wine, beer, whatever you want.

Hope to see you then.

Deborah Carlson

Woodland Glass Arts Studio Inc.
1010 S Cody Street.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Meetings held in studio on N. side of home,
look for the double French doors...
click here for map