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Sunday, February 14, 2021 - 3:00PM
Meeting code is 303-157-2559 No Passcode needed.
If this doesn't work. contact me at 720-938-9450.

Bring chocolates with you!! and wine.. we will toast each other for Valentine's Day.

Welcome to the Love Month. I always say, if I can get through January then everything else is easy. Days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Last meeting, we had a challenge of a snowflake. A couple of people responded and made wonderful snowflakes.
This month, our challenge is a mosaic. The definition of a mosaic is: "A pattern or image made of small regular or irregular pieces of colored stone, glass, or ceramic, held in place by plaster/mortar, and covering a surface." Sky is the limit on how you define that. It doesn't have to be big. These challenges are designed to give you a different approach in making art. You are completely free to choose to do them or not.

I brought some pieces to the Cheyenne Gardens Art Show and was happy to see some of our members in that show also. I want to make a trip back to see the whole show and get photos as the weather was threatening on drop off day and I had to drive back early. If you would like to do a road trip with me, just let me know and we can pick a date. The new Gardens Center looks beautiful and well worth seeing and the glass show is an added bonus.

Good news??? - Morgan Adams has emailed me that they and Children's Hospital, would love to do another child drawing/glass making project with us again like the one we did a year ago. This time, they would like to start early, like May, so we are not so bunched up at the end. They would like to do tiles again, too. They promised more artist/child interaction, which may only be a zoom meeting of FaceTime depending upon covid. Also, Support for all the artists will be stronger this year, with more support/showcasing the artists. This would be good.

I don't know the theme yet, but will have a meeting next week to set up all of the particulars. All of the artwork will be presented during their ARTMA again next February. They said it was the best art project they have ever done with the kids and many kids have asked for it again. I will be contacting all of those who participated last time to ask if they would like to do it again. If you did not participate last time and would like to do so this time, please contact me, via text, at 720-938-9450.

The members, at the last meeting, voted on an idea to give The Beads Of Courage a donation, from our group, in the names of our two members we recently lost to cancer; Roxanne Taylor and J Bisant. I suggested $300, but it was quickly raised to $500. This would help get at least 6 or more kids off of their waiting list, which is 700 kids names long. We haven't done any beads for them this year, and we have enough in GAC's bank account to be able to do this. I'm sure you would all agree that this is a good thing to do.

Member Maya Tsuchiya has a music store and every once in awhile, gets packing materials like packing corns, air bubbles, foams, bigger boxes, big plastic bags, or wooden pallets. If you need any of these for packing and/or shipping, please check with her before you spend money on supplies. They are free. Contact Maya at 303-909-6571.

From member Leslie Bitgood - Lakewood Arts Council is looking to add a glass artist to our co-op. The gallery is located in Lakewood by Casa Bonita. Co-op membership is $200/yr. and commission is 20%. You are required to be a supporting member as well. $30/individual and $35/family. You have your own dedicated display area. Rotation in the gallery about every 3 months to keep the gallery looking fresh. You are also required to sit the gallery one day a month and attend our quarterly co-op meetings (presently online). We are all volunteer so this is how we can keep the gallery open. Additionally, being all volunteer, there are lots of "jobs" that need help from our members and helping with these makes the gallery run smoother and you will be required to join in. If you have an interest and want to talk further or want gallery contact information, shoot Leslie a message either or text 720-441-7432 (preferred).

I hope to see a lot of you at the meeting on the 14th. I'll look forward to seeing your mosaics. If you have an idea for a challenge for the month of March, let me know at the meeting or text me.

Don't forget to be working on your pieces for the 40 West Show in July. The theme is Beatles Poetry. I will be writing a call for artists, putting it on the fb page and instagram, and taking them to the Cheyenne Show for their members. You don't have to be a member to participate, but fees will be double for non-members. So, it will pay off in the long run to be a member. Plus, then, you'll be able to do the Etchers Show in November.

See you on the 14th!

Deborah Carlson